About Me

Sheila Christie who is training to be an Alexander Technique teacher in North London

How I came to the Alexander Technique

I’m training to be an Alexander Technique teacher in North London, due to qualify in 2019. I came to the technique in 2009 after thirty years of back, neck and shoulder problems. I’d worked in an office at a computer for a long time. To relieve pain and stiffness I’d tried many kinds of exercises and therapies. But this was different. It made me look at how I was contributing to my own problems.

Group classes then individual lessons

I first attended a group class over six weeks at a local adult education college.¬† This showed me the technique could bring relief from back pain and help me move and think differently. Then I had one-to-one lessons with a teacher for several years, and finally took the decision to train as a teacher. This process takes three years, and I’m now in my final year. I’m more mobile and active than before. I’m also free of discomfort and back pain and feel much more open and at ease in myself.

It’s not been a quick fix. Long-term patterns of movement and thinking take time to change. But it’s been invaluable to me at many levels. I move more easily and I’ve also found poise and balance in myself.¬† It’s a practical life skill for living life more easily and comfortably.

What I’m writing about

I’m writing about body use, movement and the process of change as I train. On the first weekend of the month I publish a new post. If you subscribe, you’ll get an email notification of the latest post going out the Monday after that.

Find an Alexander Technique teacher in your area

I’m a student member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT). You can find an Alexander Teacher near you through their website.